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Maintenance Instructions.

1. Wash on Cold or Lukewarm water Only.
2. use mid Shampoos and Conditioners.
3. Alwys use Look Smart recommended Products.
4. Use Medium heac while blow dry.


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Dear Customer,

Look Smart hair Fixing Provides you the best hair replacement system ever available in the region, made of finest quality material with state of the art technology. The system comes on a complete set to serve individual requirements. The Customer made hair system will give you easily manageable, simple fixing and natural hair finish.
Look Smart hair replacement systems are distributed in Middle-east Asia and American Continents. Loo Smart dedicated services depend on 100% customer satisfaction and are committed for continuous research and development to give you the best and unique products and services.
Wish You healthy living and smart look.

Our dedication is to providing premium quality hair and skin treatment and services by the use of multiple therapies. We provide the most effective, proven treatments for hair loss, and skin, all under one roof. Most hair or skin clinics are unable to offer these treatments and services.

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