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Hair Weaving is a 100% non-surgical fixed procedure. It is a method of Hair Fixing where the patch of hair is fixed to your existing hair with a fine braid. Care is taken to ensure that this patch is of the same colour, density and thickness as the original hair. This patch cannot be removed. Hair weaving causes no damage to your skin. Hair weaving suits baldness of varying stages.

Be assured that you can carry on with your day-to-day activities like washing your hair, playing sports, swimming or going the gym with no worries. Treat it like your own hair - trust us, no one will ever know the difference.

While hair weaving is a fixed procedure, hair bonding is an approach that is short term and detachable. Special adhesives are used to bond a section of wefted hair/ hair strands to your natural hair. This technique does not cause any damage to your hair.

However, this is a temporary measure. But one can hardly tell the difference as the technique is so precise! Although the procedure takes only up to 2-3 hours, the bond attachments themselves last for 4-6 weeks (as the glue begins to loosen) after which regular maintenance is required.

Hair extensions are a great way to give you that extra volume, length and density (and oomph of course!) to your existing hair. But you may have heard too many stories to trust the procedure. Here's the secret - hair extensions when done right, can give you beautiful hair without causing any damage.

Hair extensions are temporary attachments (about 50 strands of your hair) that are conjoined with your existing hair with the help of clips or glue, to the base of your scalp. By this method, they last only for a few months and need to be redone. A set of clip-in extensions averages 8 strips of human hair in varying widths from 2-8 inches.

Silicon gel is an extremely safe, non-reactive and durable material. However it is tough to attach it with glue or dye it. In this method, the patch has a base made out of silicon since silicon resembles the original scalp. This patch is then fixed to the bald area. This is a very new and popular technique to treat partial baldness.

This non-surgical method ensures extremely quick results in no time! You can achieve a natural looking hairline and also style your hair any way you like. This fixed procedure ensures you lead a hassle-free life - take a shower, go swimming, gym or indulge in sports. Treat it like your own hair.

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